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BALTIMORE, MD (June 28, 2023) -- Around the world, quiet luxury has become a dominant trend in both fashion and the design industry.  It inspires diligent investment in classic, quality pieces that will last a lifetime and remain sophisticated in an ever-changing market.  Here’s how Chasen Companies masters the essence of quiet luxury, emulating an understated elegance and high quality finishes into every aspect of their work: 


Chasen Companies replicates a core philosophy of quiet luxury through practicing thoughtful investment that will guarantee high return.  The company’s acquisition strategy is to take properties that are considered to be a blight to their communities and transform them into modern, high-end spaces that substantially increase their market value.  The interior design team follows a similar approach: to implement modern amenities and high-value features that will endure and remain in-demand for a long period of time.  Chasen residents enjoy move-in ready spaces that are specifically curated to reflect these timeless trends.  From quartz countertops to brushed nickel finishes, these are trends that will not expire, but remain loved and renowned far into the distant future.  



Quiet luxury items achieve their timelessness through appearing as though they could have been passed down for generations.  These pieces reveal a certain kind of charm as they radiate elegance that is both modern and antique.  From Chasen’s choice of materials such as matte black finishes or herringbone mosaic backsplash tile to the architectural elements such as floor-to-ceiling windows to custom walk-in closets, every aspect of a project exudes a sense of classic elegance. 

"When considering a color palette for each project, we take into account all aspects of the building, and choose elements that are complementary to the exterior.  It is our hope that all residents and their guests feel a sense of luxury as they enter and walk through each building, and for each resident to be able to effortlessly turn each space into their home,” states Laetitia Lamarre, Interior Designer at Chasen Companies.  This careful selection of color palette is the main stepping stone towards building an interior aesthetic that delivers a sense of harmony throughout the entire property.  

Lamarre explains, “Designing like this creates a beautiful foundation and allows residents to add their own personal style to the space.”  When choosing model decor, Chasen often decorates units with classic, natural elements that create a feeling of warmth and comfort through a blend of texture, color, and organic shapes.  Rashida Erskine, who also serves as an interior designer for the company, describes the objective behind her team’s choice of accessory, “Our goal is to design beautiful, functional and purposeful spaces.  We layer timeless selections throughout each of our spaces, and as we do, we assess their versatility, and how these choices enhance the user experience.  We explore how these design elements complement the style, fit, function, and form of every space.” 



The pandemic put a slowdown on life, leading to a quieting down of design — a movement toward promoting more well-being and calming, pleasureful and serene living: “It is our belief that good design is not loud or intrusive; it is calm and soothing, as it positively impacts everyday life, and allows for constant rediscovery,” added Erskine.   


Infusing quiet luxury through quality craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail elevates Chasen residences to serene sanctuary-like spaces that feel like home. 


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