Investment Opportunities

Our real estate model targets properties that are on the edge of the emerging pockets of wealth and benefit from the lack of demand in those areas with low acquisition prices. Despite the low acquisition costs, the rental market is strong and demands rents that are higher in proportion to acquisition. Long term we see potential for these high income pockets in Baltimore to mirror what has developed over the last 25 years in areas of DC and Philadelphia.


Additionally, professionals are drawn to Baltimore for Federal Government jobs, education, healthcare, biotech, cybersecurity, and finance industries. At this time, it's tough to compare Baltimore to any other major US city. Baltimore is a "pocket centric" city, meaning people with income tend to only live in particular areas (Fells Point, Federal Hill, Mount Vernon). Our business model is to invest in those specific areas and build boutique, amenity rich living environments of less than 35 apartment units. 

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Debt Investment

Chasen Companies and Stanton Park Development have $4.05M of short term, personally guaranteed, debt available for our under construction properties. The term for each short term debt investment is defined by our projected timeline to have the properties refinanced and all principal, plus interest, paid. The interest earned is either 10% fixed for projects that are scheduled to refinance within twelve (12) months and 13% simple interest per annum for projects that are projected to refinance in more than twelve (12) months.

1511 Eastern Ave.png

 Chasen Companies HQ 

Project Type: Office Space

Commercial SF: 5,600 SF

Debt Available: $200,000

Term: 6 Months

Interest: 10% Fixed

Return: $20,000


 Chasen Warehouse

Project Type: Flex/Warehouse

Commercial SF: 1 Unit (500 SF)/11,944 SF

Debt Available: $1,200,000

Term: 7 Months

Interest: 10% Fixed

Return: $120,000


 The Archer 

Project Type: Mixed Use

Commercial SF: 24 Units

/ 1,400 SF

Debt Available: $700,00

Term: 12 Months

Interest: 13% per annum

Return: $91,000

The James.jpg

 The James

Project Type: Mixed Use

Commercial SF: 25 Units

/ 2,160 SF

Debt Available: $450,00

Term: 15 Months

Interest: 13% per annum

Return: $73,125

The Caroline.jpg

 The Caroline

Project Type: Mixed Use

Commercial SF: 31 Units /2,000 SF

Debt Available: $300,00

Term: 15 Months

Interest: 13% per annum

Return: $48,000

The Brixton.jpg

 The Brixton

Project Type: Mixed Use

Commercial SF: 34 Units

/8,8,70 SF

Debt Available: $1,250,000

Term: 24 Months

Interest: 13% per annum

Return: $325,000

Historical Returns

Chasen Companies and Stanton Park Development have successfully refinanced eight (8) projects with the same Mortgage Broker and Lender. We operate our financing efforts on certainties by having all permanent loan values approved by these parties before a development site is purchased. To date we have raised $5,690,000 and returned $6,380,000 of principal and interest  to our short term debt.


Vision Federal Hill

Project Type: Coworking/30 Units

Investment Period: 12 Months

Capital Raised: $495,000

Interest Paid: $49,500

Return: 10%

The Courtland.jpg

The Courtland

Project Type: Mixed Use/15 Units

Investment Period: 13 Months

Capital Raised: $575,000

Interest Paid: $65,000

Return: 11%

darcy exterior.jpg

The Darcy

Project Type: Multifamily /10 Units

Investment Period: 18 Months

Capital Raised: $950,000

Interest Paid: $102,000

Return: 11%


 The Soto

Project Type: Multifamily/6 Units

Investment Period: 5 Months

Capital Raise $300,00

Interest Paid: $18,000

Return: 6%


 The Wilkes

Project Type: Mixed Use/11 Units

Investment Period: 15 Months

Capital Raise $600,00

Interest Paid: $117,000

Return: 19.5%



Project Type: Mixed Use/16 Units

Investment Period: 13 Months

Capital Raise $500,00

Interest Paid: $63,000

Return: 13%


The Roland

Project Type: Mixed Use/14 Units

Investment Period: 15 Months

Capital Raise $500,00

Interest Paid: $770,000

Return: 16%

The Madison.jpg

 The Madison

Project Type: Multifamily/22 Units

Investment Period: 15 Months

Capital Raise $1,500,000

Interest Paid: $250,000

Return: 16%

The Calvert.jpg

 The Calvert

Project Type: Mixed Use/15 Units

Investment Period: 15 Months

Capital Raise $1,330,000

Interest Paid: $216,125

Return: 16%

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