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Meet Mariel: Chasen Resident and IMC Nurse

Meet Mariel, a Chasen resident who is supporting the community as an IMC nurse in a Baltimore healthcare institution. With Medical Match Day approaching on March 19th, we wanted to share Mariel’s recent Baltimore apartment search experience as a busy Master’s in Nursing student about to begin a new role at a local healthcare institution. 

Which Chasen property do you currently live in?  

I moved into The Madison in early November 2020. Although I’ve only lived there a few months, I love my brand new one-bedroom apartment and very much appreciate my experience leading up to my move-in as well.  

What drew you to The Madison? 

First, the location. I was a bit overwhelmed with housing options in Baltimore and realized I needed to narrow down the neighborhood I wanted to be in. I chose Fells Point because I wanted to be close to Hopkins (where I was getting my Master’s at the time), yet near the waterfront. I love running and my favorite route is along the promenade that goes from Canton all the way around the Inner Harbor to Locust Point. I wanted to live somewhere that allowed me to walk out of my door and be at the promenade in minutes. I also love having Patterson Park nearby, which has excellent hills for training, and is dog and family-friendly. The Madison specifically is also right around the corner from some of my favorite restaurants on the water in downtown Fells, which has been an unexpected plus.

Second, I had heard good things about Chasen properties. I had been looking to get my own place after living with roommates in row homes in Baltimore for a few years. I had a friend who had a good experience moving into a Chasen property and she referred me to their leasing team. 

I am so grateful I met Laura, Chasen’s head of leasing. She guided me through the process from start to finish--from going through all of Chasen’s properties throughout the city to putting me up in a temporary apartment down the street while The Madison was waiting to open. She made the logistics and process so easy during what was already a stressful time for me as a full-time student leading up to graduating with my Masters in Nursing from Hopkins. 

Tell us about your role as a nurse today.

There are so many healthcare career opportunities--especially in Baltimore. After graduating with my Masters, I now work in a cardiac IMC, where patients graduate from some of the more intensive therapies in the ICU, prior to going to stepdown units and going home.  I love the engaging, fast-paced work environment, the constant patient interaction, and the amazing learning environment. Being in teaching hospitals is also an amazing experience, because I am privy to learning opportunities that help me grow professionally, and be the best nurse I can be to take care of my patients. Every day I work towards helping people recover from major cardiac procedures with the goal of enabling them to return home. 

What benefits do you experience living where you do as it relates to your career? 

I appreciate the location so much, not only because of the reasons I mentioned, but also because it has shortened my commute significantly. Working in downtown Baltimore hospitals, even in traffic, my commute is maximum 10-15 minutes, and when you work long shifts, having a short commute makes all the difference. I also appreciate the amenities that I have access to. When I was studying for my exams I had the option to work from Vision, Chasen’s coworking space, if I needed a place to study outside of my apartment. There’s also a cycling studio on the first floor of the Madison which is nice for when the weather isn’t conducive for running. I was also gifted a nice holiday welcome kit when I moved in. 


What advice would you give medical professionals who are considering moving to Baltimore? 

First of all, this city is home to some amazing healthcare systems--from downtown Baltimore to the nearby suburbs. Because of this, there are so many options when it comes to selecting a unique neighborhood and home that is right for you while still having work be accessible. It was so nice to have Chasen allow me to check out all of their properties in locations throughout the city and land on what was best for me. I was supported in my home search, which enabled me to focus on graduation and my job search. 


Anything you want to add? 

There is such an overwhelming need for healthcare workers, especially right now. From nurses to doctors, therapists, you name it--every health system needs help. If you’re thinking about moving to Baltimore or starting a career in healthcare, now is the time. 


We want to thank Mariel and all the healthcare providers who have been working tirelessly over the last year to support our community. 

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