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We’re Amping Up Our Leasing Experience with Virtual Tours

Over the last year, we have had the opportunity to host more than 8,500 tours of our properties. We learned so much about what renters are looking for in a home in Baltimore, what they expect to see throughout the touring process, as well as how comfortable they are searching for a new home amid a global pandemic. 


We’ve taken these learnings and are applying them to our leasing and touring process. Our latest enhanced experience -- turning to virtual reality with the help of a local VR firm, Balti-virtual, to bring our communities to life while making touring our spaces easy, memorable, and safe. 


Potential renters are invited to our new Fells Point leasing office where they can use a VR headset to view a map of where all of Chasen Companies’ properties lie within the city. This is helpful for those new to the area, and for some who are debating between various neighborhoods. From there, they have the option to select and tour available one- or two-bedroom units. There’s also an option to customize finishings for the space -- all before setting foot in the building, or in some cases before the building is even completed.


Pictured below is Emily, leasing agent at Chasen Companies, as she demonstrates the new virtual tour process. She is directing her experience with the VR control, and everything she sees in the headset is displayed on a screen in our leasing office located at our new headquarters located at 1742 Fleet Street. The video clip shows our Leasing Agent, Kent, taking the tour and selecting finishes in a new apartment. 


“Not only are we hearing that these virtual experiences are extremely helpful for potential renters to visualize the space, but they are memorable as well,” shared Laura Malagari, Head of Leasing and Property Management at Chasen Companies. “Potential renters come to our headquarters in Fells Point and from that one location, we can show them all of our properties across the city, available units, and unique features. Virtual tours are not only saving time and enabling renters to select the space that is the best fit for them, but they are also a safe way to tour with reduced interaction and travel.” 

To learn more and sign up for a virtual tour experience at our leasing office, visit

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