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Spring Clean Your Space & Your Mood

We’re hearing collective sighs of relief as spring has finally arrived. With the weather steadily improving, we’re switching out our wardrobes, freshening up our decor, and opting for more time outside. 


This time of transition is also a great opportunity to focus on improving our spaces--it’s amazing what a purge, a deep clean, and an organized space can do for your sense of wellbeing. Our Live Well blog series continues with a few of our favorite spring cleaning and organization tips.


The Closet Purge

We love the saying, “letting go can also mean letting your best self in.” With this in mind, remove everything from your closet. Separate your clothes and accessories into three piles: one for trash, one for donations and one to keep. Our rule of thumb, if it’s been a year since you’ve worn it or used it, get rid of it (trash or donate). 


When it comes to putting everything back in its place, residents in our new units have custom closets designed for their belongings. For those who are not lucky enough to have this perk, take a look at the clothing and accessories you are keeping and make organization and storage decisions based on these items. Check out our partners like West Elm for nice hanging shelves, shoe organizers and storage racks.  Make sure the items you wear often are easily accessible. 


Organize & Declutter

Now that your closet is in a good spot, take time to declutter the rest of your living space. The motto, “a place for everything and everything in its place” comes in handy here. Day-to-day life is so much better when you know where your things are--think about when you want to leave the house in a hurry and you can’t find something. It can be frustrating and anxiety provoking.


Go through your space room by room and assign a home to each item. Keep in mind grouping similar items together makes this easier, as does storing items close to where you will use them. If you have boxes full of stuff sitting around still from when you moved in, they likely contain items you dont need or use anymore. Consider getting rid of them or at the very least, storing those items out of the way. 


After all this work, get in the habit of putting something back where it belongs after you use it. A quick daily 10 minute tidy session can maintain your organized space and help you avoid a massive cleaning effort down the road. 


Deep Clean

We mentioned in a recent Living Well series post that a clean living space can have a big impact on your health, even the air you breathe. A clean space can also impact your mood and your productivity. If you have limited time for a deep clean, focus on the highest traffic area in your apartment, which is often the kitchen.  


Clean out your cabinets and drawers and wipe them down with a clean wet rag. Wipe down your cabinet faces as well to get rid of built up food and grease particles. Sanitize your garbage can (the one you keep inside) by cleaning it with a disinfectant wipe. If you have access to a hose, take the can outside, squirt dish soap in it and spray it clean. Deep clean the refrigerator and freezer by tossing out old or expired items and wipe down the interior shelves and walls. If there is ice buildup in the freezer, unplug the appliance and let it defrost. 


Lastly, believe it or not, the dishwasher needs to be cleaned once or twice a year, especially if it starts to smell like mildew. Make sure the appliance is empty and set one cup of vinegar and ½ cup of baking soda inside and let it run on a normal cycle. 


Once you’ve tackled spring cleaning, open your windows, let the fresh air in and enjoy your pristine, organized space. A bonus -- you might even experience improved sleep, reduced stress and feel more productive! 

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