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Meet The Team

Reed Matson, Business Development Associate

What is your role, and what does a typical day at Chasen look like? 

My role at Chasen is split between Commercial Property Management and Business Development. On one side I work with Laura and Allie in managing all of our commercial spaces and on the other, I work with Drew on the acquisitions side of things. I have worked heavily with the debut of our new coworking space, Vision Fells point. I am also involved in the underwriting of properties, setting up entities, and working with the neighborhood associations on setting up new developments. 

What is a hobby of yours that you believe is beneficial in the workplace? 

The biggest hobby I currently have is Golf. I started golfing when I was about 12 but have gotten much more into the sport over the past year or so. Golf aligns with my interests as it allows me to enjoy the outdoors as well as the company of friends. Golf is also a universal tool in business. It offers the opportunity to connect with potential clients/investors. In addition, golf is a game where you are always looking forward to the next shot. I think this aligns extremely well with the goal of Chasen; always chasing the next opportunity.

What Baltimore community is your favorite? 

Federal Hill is my favorite area of Baltimore. I recently moved there after graduating from the University of Maryland but used to spend a lot of my time there on holiday breaks. Living in Fed, there is always something to do, and I really enjoy living with a lot of people my age. Another place I love is the stadiums downtown. I spent countless hours are M&T and Camden yards growing up and they have always held a special place in my heart. 

App you can’t live without? 

Youtube. If I ever can't figure something out, Youtube is there to save the day. There are countless videos to watch from humor to documentaries and more!

First job? 

My first Job was as an Oyster Shucker at Mcfaul's Ironhorse Tavern right on the Loch Raven Reservoir. I did everything from bussing to serving tables but I really enjoyed serving up oysters to all of our customers!

You have 30 minutes of free time - how do you spend it? 

I enjoy doing anything outside. It may take more like 35 minutes to an hour, but I love going to the driving range and hitting a bucket of balls on a beautiful afternoon.

Design, build or tear-down? What are your dream projects? 

Build. I have always been a very hands-on person and it is always so satisfying watching anything come together from start to finish. I think it is awesome what we are doing with preserving the outward appearance of our buildings while providing a sleek, modern interior.

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