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Meet The Team

Nick Lawson, Senior Leasing Specialist

What is your role, and what does a typical day at Chasen look like? 

My role is to find an awesome fit for everyone on the commercial and residential side of things. Man of many hats around these parts. I move at a very quick pace every single day. You can find me running all over Baltimore city either previewing spaces, showing spaces, or meeting with potential clients.  

What is a hobby of yours that you believe is beneficial in the workplace? 

Highly competitive board games with my girlfriend. Like highly competitive. Helps train my brain for jumping around to various different areas in my day. Keeps me sharp! Also my girlfriend is a shark and the win lose ratio is definitely not in my favor so it keeps me humble.

What Baltimore community is your favorite? 

Love me some Mt. Vernon. I’m a sucker for historic neighborhoods with old buildings. Between the  churches and the Basilica and the Walters art museum and BSO, it just is a killer part of the city.

App you can’t live without?


Do my absolute best to not live on my phone but BBC world news and I get an email from 1440 Digest which I highly recommend and read everyday. Firmly believe in literally stopping to smell the roses, notice a breeze or just be with real life. Nature is my jam.

First job? 

My first job was sweeping floors at an auto shop at 12 years old. I have been employed and working ever since then. The list is quite extensive, but you can say I am a jack of all trades. Everything from a fry cook to running a jewelry store to owning a bar. Been a wild ride to this point and I’m still rolling.

You have 30 minutes of free time - how do you spend it? 

Free time? What is this free time thing you speak of? Seriously though, I’m in “go mode” from when I wake up until I hit the pillow at night. My drive in and out of work is about 30 minutes though and I talk to the big fella upstairs. I give all credit and gratitude to him as to what I am and have in this life. I have been and continue to be extremely blessed so when I’m still I rap to him. 

Would you rather: Design or build? 

In commercial leasing you have to dream with people on design. Love small local businesses and helping them grow and achieve that next level. We ourselves as a company may be small but mighty so working for Big Boss (as I call him) and knowing he started this empire as a self made man. Just helps me focus on local people who have big dreams and we are here to help that. Do love a good tear down and rehab though. Blend old and new and make something unique. Kinda what we do here really. Just you wait to see what we have coming up, It’s going to be big is all I can say.

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