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Celebrating Medical Match Day 

Medical Match Day is Friday, March 15. “Match Day” is commonly recognized in the graduate medical education community to represent the day when the National Resident Matching Program or NRMP releases results to applicants seeking residency and fellowship training positions across the U.S. Many of these applicants are “matched” to some of the top hospitals located right here in Baltimore. 


We’re celebrating “Match Day” by introducing you to one of our residents at The Archer, a Chasen property located in Fells Point, who is in the medical field. She is a Registered Nurse here in Baltimore. 


You recently moved into The Archer. What do you like most about your apartment and your experience there thus far?

I love the location of being Fells Point. All of my necessities are within walking distance–from grocery stores to fitness, to restaurants and shopping. It's a short walk to the waterfront and other neighborhoods are easily accessible via the water taxi, or a quick scooter ride.


My experience at The Archer so far has been perfect. My neighbors are friendly and considerate and I haven't had any issues!


What benefits do you experience living where you do as it relates to your career? 

As an RN at a nearby Care Unit, the commute from work to my apartment is short which is really important to me. Because I work long hours, every minute counts! 


Also, the location of my apartment, as it's so close to the water, makes things like going for a quick walk and taking in the view something I can easily do to destress after a taxing shift.


What advice would you give medical professionals who are considering moving to Baltimore? 

I would advise medical professionals to live somewhere close to work while also ensuring it is a location and a space you feel at home in. We spend long hours taking care of other people, but it's important to also take care of yourself too. My unit at The Archer is new with stainless steel appliances and is truly my sanctuary. 

If you're envisioning a lifestyle where every moment is optimized for ease and relaxation, Chasen Companies is your ideal choice. Take the next step in securing your dream home by scheduling a tour or reserving your apartment today below.

Join us in making Match Day memorable – where your residence is not just a place; it's a celebration of your success and well-being.

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