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Celebrating Medical Match Day 

Medical Match Day is Friday, March 18. “Match Day” is widely recognized in the graduate medical education community to represent the day when the National Resident Matching Program or NRMP releases results to applicants seeking residency and fellowship training positions across the U.S. Many of these applicants are “matched” to some of the top hospitals located right here in Baltimore. 


We’re celebrating “Match Day” by introducing you to one of our residents who is in the medical field. Meet Lauren, a resident of The Caroline, a Chasen property located in Harbor East. She is a Registered Nurse in a Progressive Care Unit here in Baltimore. 


You recently moved into the Caroline. What do you like most about your apartment and your experience there thus far?

I love the location in Harbor East. All of my necessities are within walking distance–from groceries to fitness, to restaurants and shopping.  I also love that it's a short walk to the water and to Fells Point, and that other neighborhoods are easily accessible via the promenade, water taxi, or a quick uber ride.


My experience at The Caroline thus far has been great. My neighbors are very friendly and considerate. I always worry about living somewhere where it may be noisy as I often work the night shift and sleep during the day but I haven't had any issues. 


What benefits do you experience living where you do as it relates to your career? 

As an RN at a nearby Progressive Care Unit, the commute from work to my apartment is short and stress-free which is extremely important to me. Working long hours, every minute matters and I don't wish to spend my spare time in a car sitting in traffic. 


Also, the location of my apartment being so close to the water makes things like going for a quick walk and taking in the view something I can easily do most days and is one of my favorite ways to wind down after a taxing shift. 


What advice would you give medical professionals who are considering moving to Baltimore? 

I would advise medical professionals to live somewhere close to work while also ensuring it is a location and a space you really love. We spend long hours taking care of other people. It's important to also take care of yourself. Your home should be your sanctuary and if you don't love it, it will take a toll on you. My unit at The Caroline is new and modern with stainless steel appliances - it made the whole move so much easier knowing the space was already set up beautifully. 

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