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A Note From Our CEO

Brandon Chasen

Our team has spent the last five years dedicating ourselves to hard work and investment in the Baltimore and DC communities, resulting in rapid growth for our firm. In fact, this growth allowed us to be recognized as the fastest-growing company in the region (according to Inc. magazine). 


But with expansion has come a natural evolution of our services, operations and structure. Some know us as a general contractor while others know us as a property owner, a developer, or a property management firm. The truth is - we are all of those things - and more. To help clarify our role and the future path of our business, we’ve made the conscious decision to rebrand as Chasen Companies. 


The shift enables us to vertically integrate our business, focusing on our four core categories: development, construction, properties and property management, and strategically sets us up for the future as we continue to utilize our own expertise across several areas versus outsourcing to other companies.  


We see many benefits to this model:

  • Cost - we have diverse profit centers and can keep costs down by vertically integrating

  • Quality - no one cares as much as we do: the quality of our work, properties and communities is paramount 

  • Clarity - we’re formalizing our team as we grow, and have hired experienced department heads in order to further define our responsibilities and path to success


As we move forward as Chasen Companies, you can expect us to continue to provide the highest quality product and service by building, owning and managing every step along the way.


Thank you to all who have and continue to support what we now refer to as Chasen Companies. I welcome any questions or opportunities to connect.

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