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Meet The Team

Laura Malagari, Head of Leasing and Property Management

"The Resident Recruiter"

What is your role, and what does a typical day at Chasen look like? 

As the Head of Leasing and Property Management, I lead the lease-up phase right after construction has been completed on our properties. My ultimate goal is to have our buildings fully leased within 60 days of opening.  


Most days you can find me meeting with prospective tenants and leading them through tours of our properties throughout Baltimore City--ultimately helping them land the perfect new home.


What is a hobby of yours that you believe is beneficial in the workplace? 

I enjoy staying active--from playing sports to working out regularly. I played soccer for 11 years, which taught me the importance of teamwork, which is something I carry over into my role. We work closely together at Chasen Companies to deliver the best product possible and I believe teamwork is what makes us such a success. 


What Baltimore community is your favorite? 

Similar to many of my colleagues, I love Fells Point. I’m a bit of a history buff, so I enjoy the historical aspect of Fells. I also love the many bars and restaurants by the water--there is simply nothing better than enjoying panoramic views of the harbor area during a nice dinner in Fells Point.


App you can’t live without? 

Definitely Instagram. I love traveling, and this app enables me to not only share my creativity and travels, but allows me to keep up with my friends and the latest destinations they are exploring as well. I also enjoy following travel writers and bloggers, gaining inspiration from their photos from all over the world.


First job? 

My first job experience was as a nanny for two different families. I grew up with six siblings so taking care of children comes naturally to me. I enjoy investing my time with the children and seeing them learn new things and grow. 


You have 30 minutes of free time - how do you spend it? 

I will spend that time talking with my family. I am very close with my siblings, so whenever we have a second to chat we do!

Design, build or tear-down? What are your dream projects? 

Build. I enjoy seeing the progress our team makes from start to finish, as well as the various stages of development. It is such a good feeling to restore historic buildings into modern dwellings.  

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