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Meet The Team

Jonathan McGrath, Portfolio Manger of Finance

What is your role, and what does a typical day at Chasen look like?

My role as a portfolio manager of Finance is to track all rent payments and delinquencies. A typical day entails many phone calls from my coworkers and tenant outreach.

What is a hobby of yours that you believe is beneficial in the workplace?


One of my favorite hobbies would be Ice Hockey. Its beneficial to the workplace because it has taught me patience and to be a team player. 

What Baltimore community is your favorite?

Canton would be my favorite Baltimore community. I love the views, the restaurants, the people and location!

App you can’t live without?

An app I can't live without would have to be the ESPN app.

First job?

My first job was as an Assistant Property Manager.

You have 30 minutes of free time - how do you spend it?

I would spend 30 minutes of free time either experimenting with a new recipe, walking my dogs, or holding my African Grey Parrot.


Would you rather: Design or build?

If I could either design or build I would choose to build. 

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