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Meet The Team

Caroline Hudson and Larah Weinstein, Marketing Interns

What school are you currently attending, and what year are you?

Caroline (C): I currently attend Clemson University and am a rising Junior.

Larah (L): I currently attend the University of Richmond and I am a rising Senior. 


What is your major?

C: My major is Marketing with a minor in Communications. 

L: My major is Rhetoric and Communication.


What do you like about working with Chasen Companies so far?

C: I have loved working at Chasen so far! One thing that I like is how hands-on of an internship experience this is and how welcoming the team was. We are always encouraged to share our ideas and are ensured that our input is valid. 

L: I love the unpredictability of my work day. Every day is different, and because of this I am able to gain experience in a variety of fields. Coming to work each day is so exciting because I know I will be greeted with so many fun challenges! 

What do you hope to get out of this internship experience?

C: Through this internship experience, I hope to gain a slew of new skills and experiences with marketing and leasing to better form my career path.​

L: I hope to gain not only a wide range of new skills and experiences, but also strong relationships that I will carry with me throughout my future careers! 

What is your favorite thing you've learned so far?

C: My favorite thing that I have learned so far is how to create and edit the Chasen websites. 

L: I’ve really enjoyed my exposure in all things Marketing, since I really haven’t had much experience in this field--although am interested in it as a possible future career. 

What Baltimore community is your favorite? 

C: I would have to say that my favorite Baltimore community is Fells Point because of all the time we have gotten to explore the area and the Chasen properties. 

L: My favorite Baltimore community is definitely Fells Point. I love the proximity to the waterfront and the endless amount of great restaurants and stores! 

App you can't live without?

C: One app that I cannot live without is TikTok because it can always make you laugh even on a bad day! 

L: I would have to say that I couldn’t live without Instagram. Not only is it a great source of entertainment, but it allows me to stay up to date with everything my friends and family are up to!

You have 30 minutes of free time - how do you spend it?

C: If I were to have an extra 30 minutes of free time I would spend it hanging out with my family and friends.

L: If I had 30 minutes of free time, I would probably spend it going on a run or doing a quick workout with my sister! 

Design, build or tear-down? What are your dream projects?

C: I have always been drawn to very detailed interior design projects! I would have to say that one of my dream projects is to design and decorate my own house one day!

L: Definitely design. I love all things design, but interior design is my favorite. I love bold colors and prints and I would love to one day decorate my dream home! 

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