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 Improve Your WFH Environment 


With roughly half of the American workforce continuing to work from home, many of us are spending more time there than ever before. Creating a safe work environment should be a top priority, beginning with a focus on eliminating indoor air pollution. Why?  Poor indoor air quality can negatively impact our health both in the short term and long term if not controlled. And in most cases, simple fixes can make drastic improvements. 


Intentional design 

Chasen residents can breathe easy knowing our buildings and individual units are designed to leverage the latest technology and innovation when it comes to indoor air quality. 


Every apartment across all of our properties is equipped with an individual mini-split HVAC unit with separate air filters to ensure our tenants are not sharing air with their neighbors. In addition, a remote allows residents to control their own HVAC settings beyond just temperature to help ensure their air doesn’t feel overly dry or humid. 


Outdoor access is also an essential piece of our building design. So whether it’s a communal roof deck, a porch or balcony, or a courtyard, residents have access to fresh air and sunlight. 


Lastly, a clean living space can have a big impact on the air you breathe. Our boutique properties have only 10-50 units, meaning there is limited traffic in the lobbies, common spaces, and elevators. We oversee top-notch cleaning crews who follow CDC protocols when it comes to keeping these spaces clean. For our tenants who do not have the time or interest in cleaning their own space, our virtual concierge service, Hello Alfred, will take care of cleaning it for them.  


Taking it up a notch -- DIY indoor air quality improvements    

There are many ways residents can take small steps on their own to improve the quality of air in their homes year-round. 


In the winter months, windows and doors are often kept shut, keeping fresh air from circulating. Make an effort to open a window for at least five minutes a day in order to keep air circulating and reduce indoor air pollution.


Houseplants can also help purify the air naturally. If you don’t have a green thumb or are not up for growing your own plants in your apartment, swing by B. Willow, one of our favorite local spots to shop already-grown indoor houseplants and terrariums right in Baltimore.

Keep it clean. Require all guests to remove their shoes upon entering your home to prevent bringing in dirt and dust from the outside. Reduce the usage of toxic household products. Plenty of stores and websites offer all-natural/clean versions that do the job just as well, if not better. 


No matter where you reside, we hope you’re inspired to learn more about the quality of air in your home (and new work environment) and take simple steps to improve it for the long term. can EXHALE...

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