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Meet The Team

Erin Black, Head of Marketing

"The Brand Steward"

What is your role, and what does a typical day at Chasen look like? 

In marketing, no day is the same and I often have to juggle based on priority but that’s what gets me out of bed in the morning. Whether it’s strategizing marketing plans for our properties, building/designing our websites, or talking through social media campaigns, I get excited that no two tasks are alike.


What is a hobby of yours that you believe is beneficial in the workplace? 

I grew up playing soccer and continued in college. I like to workout whether it's tennis, running, riding the peloton, you name it. Exercising gives me energy, clears my head, and helps me concentrate on my work.


What Baltimore community is your favorite? 

Anywhere on the waterfront but I love Fells Point. Nothing beats the cobblestone streets, bars and restaurants. Everyone always seems to be happy when walking down Thames. 


App you can’t live without? 

Venmo, without it my babysitters wouldn’t get paid.


First job? 

Dairy Queen in New Jersey. I worked there with one of my best friends growing up. I made the best black & white (chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream) milkshake.


You have 30 minutes of free time - how do you spend it? 

Facetime my parents with my two little girls. They live out of town so I always try to call them a few times a week.


Design, build or tear-down? What are your dream projects? 

Design. We often have brainstorms as a group to talk about the layout and flow of the units. As a hobby I like to read design magazines including interior design, so I love that something I read casually on the weekend can crossover into work. 

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