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Meet The Team

Kent Darrell, Leasing Specialist

What is your role, and what does a typical day at Chasen look like? 

I am a leasing specialist at Chasen Companies. I work alongside Emily and Liz to help match up future residents with their perfect apartment. Much of my morning is spent either on the phone or communicating via text with future residents. In the afternoon, we open our calendars up for virtual tours, where we discuss the specifics of our different properties and help develop a plan of action for the prospective resident.


What is a hobby of yours that you believe is beneficial in the workplace? 

Most Sunday mornings I go for a bike ride with my grandfather, my Dad, and my uncle through the northern Baltimore County area. We usually ride about 40 miles and it's always important to pace yourself and keep a positive and forward-thinking approach. This translates closely to just about any line of work as those different approach tactics will make life much more enjoyable and will usually yield more success.


What Baltimore community is your favorite? 

I've always had an affinity for Fells Point, Baltimore. In my opinion, it's the best spot to go on a Friday or Saturday to unwind with your friends. There's no shortage of restaurants and bars by the water. More often than not you can find a place that has live music.

App you can’t live without? 

I have a habit of going on the ESPN app whenever I am bored. I mainly go to the scores tab or just thumb through any articles about the NFL or the Ravens. Most of the time I can find something interesting and insightful to read for a few minutes.

First job? 

The summer after 8th grade I worked at the St. Paul's Summer Camp in Brooklandville, MD. A few of my friends and I were unpaid counselors earning community service hours along the way. It was a cool experience to finally be a counselor after I had spent the past few summers there as a camper looking up at all of the counselors.

You have 30 minutes of free time - how do you spend it? 

Realistically, I typically spend a good portion of my free time listening to sports radio or scrolling through a few different sports blogs/pages. Some of my favorite sports shows and podcasts are The Herd with Colin Cowherd, Pardon My Take on Barstool, and That Peter Crouch Podcast.

Design, build or tear-down? What are your dream projects? 

I have a greater interest in the building/construction side. My dad works in construction in Baltimore County and would take my sister and I to his different job sites when we were younger. 

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